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With bases in Manchester and Rossendale, our team of experienced landscape gardeners undertake all aspects of landscaping, groundwork and maintenance. We take pride in our work, crafting every garden to the same exacting standards. Our landscapers in Manchester are fully committed to creating luxury outdoor living spaces, each of which is carefully designed to withstand the test of time. Quality is our foundation, with Manchester Landscapes; do it once, do it right!

Years of Experience

Our landscape gardeners have the experience required to create luxury outdoor living spaces. When you trust us with your garden, our landscapers will use their knowledge and skill to deliver a perfectly crafted landscape.

Happy Clients

Whether you ask us to create a luxury design or to maintain what you already have, our dedicated landscapers value each and every customer. Your complete satisfaction is and will always be at the forefront of everything that we do.

Team Members

We are completely committed to providing quality workmanship. Manchester Landscapes is fortunate to employ some of the most skilled landscape gardeners in Manchester. The employees definitely make the company!

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Designing your dream garden can be a challenge because there is such a wide array of quality materials and options to consider. From the longevity of composite decking to the brilliance of porcelain paving, you are going to have some tough decisions to make! If you need some advice, our Manchester landscapers can point you in the right direction and offer their expert opinion. To discuss your project, you can schedule an initial consultation.


The process is simple, but you have to make the first move. If you want to transform your garden, then you should start by requesting a quote.


When you have requested a quote, one of our landscape gardeners in Manchester will be in touch to arrange an initial design consultation.


Once you have accepted our quotation, then it is over to us to do what we do best. It won’t be long before you are enjoying your new garden!

Our story

Manchester Landscapes was established in 2017 and is part of the Landscapes Group. Our journey began in 2012 when Joshua Hartley founded our sister company, Rossendale Landscapes. In the years that followed, the company went from strength to strength; regularly undertaking projects in Manchester, paving the foundations for Manchester Landscapes.

Our team of talented landscape gardeners in Manchester are capable of crafting the most luxurious outdoor living spaces, each of which is meticulously designed to withstand the challenges of time. When you place your trust in us, our landscapers will go above and beyond to deliver perfection.

The latest development in our story is the introduction of our apprenticeship scheme. We want to ensure that young talent has an opportunity to breakthrough into the landscaping industry. Landscaping is an art, one that we are keen to continue developing.

Our promise

In order to create landscapes of the highest quality, we pay attention to every last detail. Our promise is perfectly summarised by our motto: do it once, do it right! When you choose us, we want you to be assured in the knowledge that our landscapers in Manchester will never compromise on quality. In the highly unlikely event that you were disatisfied, we will go above and beyond to make it right.

Our industry does not have the best reputation. Far too often, we attend consultations where a landscape has been inadequately installed. More often than not, this is because corners have been cut to save on costs. It should go without saying, a landscape is only as strong as its foundations. Our Manchester landscapers install every landscape correctly to ensure that it lasts.

This unwavering commitment to quality means that we are unlikely to be your cheapest quote. What we can promise you is a fair quote for the requested work. In this day and age, there will always be someone who is willing to attempt it for less.

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Begin the transformation of your garden by scheduling an initial consultation with one of our Manchester landscape gardeners. During your appointment, our landscaper will discuss your requirements and offer their advice. Are you ready to get started? Complete the form below, and a member of our team will be in touch with you shortly!